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    Description of the Proposed Action

    The Applicant proposes to develop a coal export terminal on 190 acres primarily within an existing 540-acre site that is currently leased by the Applicant. The project area is adjacent to the Columbia River in unincorporated Cowlitz County, Washington near Longview, Washington. The Applicant currently operates and would continue to operate a bulk product terminal within the Applicant’s leased area.

    BNSF Railway Company (BNSF) or Union Pacific Railroad (UP) trains would transport coal in unit trains (rail cars that carry the same commodity) on BNSF main line routes in Washington State, and the BNSF Spur and Reynolds Lead in Cowlitz County to the project area. Coal would be unloaded from rail cars, stockpiled and blended, and loaded by conveyor onto ocean-going vessels for export at two new docks (Docks 2 and 3) located in the Columbia River.

    Once construction is complete, the Proposed Action could have a maximum annual throughput capacity of up to 44 million metric tons of coal per year. The coal export terminal would consist of one operating rail track, eight rail tracks for storing up to eight unit trains, rail car unloading facilities, a stockpile area for coal storage, conveyor and reclaiming facilities, two new docks in the Columbia River (Docks 2 and 3), and shiploading facilities on the two docks. Dredging of the Columbia River would be required to provide access to and from the Columbia River navigation channel and for berthing at the two new docks.

    Vehicles would access the project area from Industrial Way (State Route 432), and vessels would access the project area via the Columbia River. The Reynolds Lead and BNSF Spur track—both jointly owned by BNSF and UP, and operated by Longview Switching Company (LVSW)—provide rail access to the project area from a point on the BNSF main line (Longview Junction) located to the east in Kelso, Washington. Coal export terminal operations would occur 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The coal export terminal would be designed for a minimum 30-year period of operation.

    At full terminal operations, the Proposed Action would bring approximately 8 loaded unit trains each day carrying coal to the project area, send out approximately 8 empty unit trains each day from the project area, and load an average of 70 vessels per month or 840 vessels per year, which would equate to 1,680 vessel transits in the Columbia River annually.

    About the Existing Facility

    Millennium Bulk Terminals –Longview LLC (MBTL) proposes to construct a shipping terminal to export coal at the site of the former Reynolds aluminum plant adjacent to the Columbia River near Longview. The property is approximately 540 acres in size with frontage on the Columbia River and the proposed coal export terminal would cover approximately 190 acres of the site.

    As proposed, the facility would be capable of receiving, stockpiling, blending, and loading coal by conveyor onto ships for export. MBTL proposes bringing coal in by rail to the site, storing coal at the facility, and exporting coal on ships.

    The proposal includes two stages for the project. The NEPA and SEPA EIS for the project covers both phases. Under Stage 1 plans, up to 25 million metric tons of coal would be handled. Under Stage 2, the maximum volume would increase to 44 million metric tons of coal. The complete proposed facility would require construction of eight rail lines and one operating line; two new docks, two shiploaders; coal stockpile pads; and associated facilities, conveyors, and equipment.

    Existing Operations – Not Part of EIS Process

    MBTL currently uses an existing dock to import bulk alumina by vessel. The bulk alumina is stored on site and transported to an Alcoa smelter in Wenatchee. The site is also used to import a small amount of coal by rail for use by the neighboring Weyerhaeuser complex. These existing operations will continue and are separate from the coal export terminal proposal.

    For more information visit Ecology’s industrial permit page

    Cleanup of the Site – Not Part of EIS Process

    The Reynolds Metals Company owned and operated the site as an aluminum smelter from 1941 to 2000. Alcoa purchased Reynolds Metals Company in 2000.  Alcoa sold the site assets to Longview Aluminum LLC in 2001 and the smelter was permanently closed after the sale.  Chinook Ventures purchased the facility through the Longview Aluminum bankruptcy proceedings in 2004. MBTL purchased the facility from Chinook Ventures in 2011. Northwest Alloys, a subsidiary of Alcoa, remains the property owner.

    Cleaning up the existing site of contamination is Ecology’s first priority for the property. Ecology is overseeing work being done by Northwest Alloys-Alcoa and MBTL to investigate and cleanup the site under the State’s Model Toxics Control Act. Cleanup efforts at the site are already in progress and are handled separately from the coal export terminal proposal.

    For more information visit Ecology’s cleanup page

Project Details:

Millennium Bulk Terminals proposes to construct and operate a shipping terminal to export coal in Cowlitz County.


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  • Health Impact Assessment

    What is a Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

    An HIA is defined as a combination of procedures, methods and tools that systematically judges the potential, and sometimes unintended, effects of a proposed program, project, plan, or policy on the health of a population and the distribution of those effects within the population.

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  • SEPA Final EIS

    SEPA Environmental Impact Statement

    SEPA requires agencies to take environmental factors into consideration before taking action on proposed projects. It’s important to emphasize that the environmental review process is not a decision, permit, or a yes or no on the project.

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  • Proposed Action

    Millennium Bulk Terminals – Longview (MBTL) LLC, based in Longview, Washington proposes to construct and operate a coal export terminal at the site of the former Reynolds Aluminum smelter in Cowlitz County. The MBTL proposal is for a facility that would ultimately have the capacity to handle 44 million metric tons of coal annually.

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