Submission Number: MBTL-EIS-0002928 

Received: 11/17/2013 3:10:00 PM
Commenter: Rodger Wehage

Agency: Cowlitz County, the Washington Department of Ecology, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Initiative: Millennium Bulk-Terminals Longview EIS
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Submission Text Sent:Sunday, November 17, 2013 3:10 PM Subject:Millennium's coal export terminal EIS

I'm writingg about the bulk coal export project proposed for Longview. Please APPROVE this project. As a tax preparer, I can see the continuing lagging of the economy in our region. These added jobs are needed. As a former employee of a major local plant shutdown because or irrational environmental fear, I can see the damage that has befallan our region because of this short-sighted thinking. Let's resist this type of thinking that ignores the needs of those who are economically deprived and seek to move forward to a climate of helping all in need.

Sincerely, Rodger J. Wehage Rodger