Submission Number: MBTL-EIS-0002209 

Received: 11/18/2013 12:40:35 AM
Commenter: Gay Wilmerding
State: Washington

Agency: Cowlitz County, the Washington Department of Ecology, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Initiative: Millennium Bulk-Terminals Longview EIS
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
With respect to the proposed Millennium coal export terminal in Longview, the economic and ecological costs are catastrophic. Short-term coal profits and jobs do not outweigh the effects of planetary warming and reduced capacity of ocean organisms to produce oxygen, essential to life. Spillage of coal dust along the rail and ship corridors increases water acidification, stresses or kills marine algae that produce 60-80% of earth's oxygen, and causes harmful health effects to people like asthma. In areas with the Columbia River basin, the San Juan National Monument and other fecund waters, migration and interdependent breeding cycles rely on clean, productive waters for creatures to propagate and to flourish. Like the spread of coal dust, one spill in one area multiplies its effects to others as animals cannot avoid pollution. Rather than permit mining, transport & burning of coal which requires taxpayers to subsidize infrastructure and to pay for cleanup when disaster occurs, say NO and mitigate the job and energy situations with building and installing renewables, like wind and solar, underwrite conservation including energy-efficient retrofits and expand public transportation. Rather than allow coal to imperil or destroy the sensitive livelihoods of those who depend on healthy ecosystems in farming, aquaculture and tourism among others, invest in local jobs and products to reduce the carbon footprint and to strengthen our country and US industry, not China or others.