Submission Number: MBTL-EIS-0001969 

Received: 11/11/2013 10:58:47 PM
Commenter: Maia Dickerson

Agency: Cowlitz County, the Washington Department of Ecology, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Initiative: Millennium Bulk-Terminals Longview EIS
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Submission Text
As a citizen of Montana, I do not support the building of this port. This port would not only impact those in Washington state, but also those in Montana as coal leaving this port will be mined and travel through Montana on the way to the port and overseas. The increase of coal traffic would greatly obstruct Montana communities, worsen health by spreading diesel fumes and coal dust, block crucial intersections making it harder for emergency vehicles to get across tracks, and threaten economic development and property values along the rail line. The port would also increase the pressure to ruin a productive agricultural valley and its water with a coal strip mine at Otter Creek and condemn family farm and ranch land for the Tongue River Railroad.