Submission Number: MBTL-EIS-0001079 

Received: 10/9/2013 11:25:00 AM
Commenter: Phyllis I. Clausen
State: Washington

Agency: Cowlitz County, the Washington Department of Ecology, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Initiative: Millennium Bulk-Terminals Longview EIS
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From:PHYLLIS CLAUSEN <> Sent:Wednesday, October 09, 2013 11:25 AM Subject:Proposed Coal Terminal
I live in Vancouver, WA and strongly oppose allowing a coal shipping terminal in Longview, WA because of the toxicity we will bear: coal dust, foul winds from China’s coal burning, large effects on global warming. Long trains, some one and one half mile long, losing some of their toxic load will have a very negative effect on our city and population. Phyllis I.Clausen, 2804 S.E. Baypoint DR, Vancouver, WA 98683 Sent from Windows Mail